Menstrual Cup with case, BPA & Chemical Free Made in the USA


MADE IN THE USA. BPA & Chemical free medical grade silicone. FDA Registered Product.

Our is designed to fit your active and busy lifestyle, enjoy long-lasting protection from heaviest to lightest flow for 12-hours. You can stay free of any wet, leakage, odor, and with-out pads or tampons. Cups do not catch your natural vaginal moisture. Once you use our cup, you’ll be satisfied with the most comfort and convenience during your period. Specs: 1.8” wide x 2. 75″ tall. Holds 40ml.

Respect your body and Protect the environment.

  • Silicone Case

Our case will keep your cup clean and ready for your next cycle. It is easy to clean and its base features stylized holes to allow air flow. Wash your cup and store it in the case. Store in your bathroom for next month and know its clean and ready.

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